Training for Apache aircrew has three distinct components: Conversion to Type (CTT), Conversion to Role (CTR), at the end of which crews achieve Limited Combat Ready status, and Pre-Deployment Training (PDT). PDT involves further operational and skill sustainment training which continues throughout the aircrew tour of duty. ATIL supports the British Army in the delivery of this training at all stages. ATIL also provides a number of Apache Civilian Qualified Helicopter Instructors (CQHI) who assist the military QHIs in flying training on the live aircraft.


ATIL delivers groundcrew training courses to train Army Air Corps Groundcrew personnel in the ground-handling, refuelling, rearming and Ground Support Systems (GSS) operation of the Apache. Students are provided with theoretical and practical instruction covering aircraft handling, preparing munitions for use, weapon loading and unloading and aircraft refuelling.  Full use is made of advanced training media including the Classroom Maintenance Training System (CMTS) and a range of part task trainers.

ATIL offers a range of courses designed to provide aircraft, avionics and armament engineering staff with the necessary skills to keep an aircraft as complex as the Apache flying. Using a combination of advanced instructor led classroom media, computer based training, a full emulation of the aircraft and a range of sophisticated maintenance training devices the students are trained to understand the aircraft systems, diagnose and repair faults and carry out functional tests.

Groundcrew and aircrew are also trained by ATIL to operate and maintain the Mission Planning System (MPS). The MPS is a PC-based system which allows Aircrew to plan mission parameters, threats and waypoints prior to flight. Personnel are taught how to operate the MPS to enable them to upload detailed mission data to the aircraft systems and how to maintain the operating system, MPS software and associated applications. An MPS Mapping Course teaches the System Administrators to produce mapping and terrain data fit for flight planning.

ATIL provides a high bandwidth, encrypted wide area network (WAN) for collective training. The WAN connects the simulators at the aircrew training centres at Middle Wallop and Wattisham. ATIL has also demonstrated linking of the live and virtual environments (synthetic wrap) by connecting its simulator WAN to the collective training system on the live Apache AH Mk1 and flying a four ship mission (three simulators and the real aircraft).

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